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Artistic Objectives

  • Educate the public, through art, on the importance of the preservation of the environment and the ocean.

  • Encourage art and science collaboration through model making and science illustration.

  • Facilitate the understanding of scientific knowledge to the public, through my art work.



2017-present: University of Glasgow: PhD Marine Biology

2019: edX-NewcastleX: Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101

2016-2017: ACS Distance Education: Aquarium Management 

2013-2017: University of California, Santa Cruz, US: BSc Marine Biology & BA Art

2006-2013: The English School, Nicosia, Cyprus: Secondary School Diploma


Artistic Experience and Exhibitions

2019 - Present:  Curation of an Art Exhibition Display in Graham Kerr Building, University of Glasgow

2019:                 Public Engagement on the effect of microplastics on marine mussels – DippyAboutScience            

                                   Festival Team – personally created mussel model

2018 - 2019:      #200Fish: Art Exhibition participation at the North Sea Observatory Art Space, the North

                                   Somercotes Village Hall and the Marshchapel Village Hall.

2018 - Present:  Produce illustrations for the IBAHCM blog/podcast "Naturally Speaking", University of Glasgow                                            

                          Paint 3D models printed by the University of Glasgow MVLS Bioelectronics Department (used as awards,                                    memorabilia and signs)  

2017:                 Rachel Cason College at UCSC graduation gift design 

                          Participation: Science Illustration Exhibition at the Poster Symposium organised by the Noris Centre, and                                      the Natural Science Window Exhibit at the Art Department, UCSC

2016:                 Magnifications: Exhibition Collaboration with Ianthi Jayasundera

2015 - 2017:      Residential Assistant at the UCSC. Duties include the organisation of events involving arts and crafts and                                    poster preparation.

2014:                 Produced drawings of a local reef, in Cyprus, based on videos and photographs of the area, as well as                                        sketching underwater while scuba diving. 

2013-2017:        Participated in quarterly Open Studios organised by the UCSC Art Department 

2012:                 Art Evento: Organisation and participation in an art exhibition at the English School Nicosia

2010 - 2013:      Art IGCSE and GCSE

2009 - 2012:      Home jewellery designs sold at small local shops in Cyprus

Printed Publications

Max Taus. "Reptiles and Amphibians of the Fort Ord Natural Reserve". California: UCSC Natural Reserves. 2018. pg.74 (Illustration of the Gabilan Slander Salamander).

Biff Vernon. "#200 - Art inspired by each species of fish found in the North Sea". Lincolnshire Time and Tide Bell Community Interest Company. 2018. pg.16 (Fish #16 Bluntnose Six-gill Shark Hexanchus griseus). 

Alexandros Chronides "ΠΕΤΡΕΣ ΚΑΙ ΕΛΕΟΣ, PETROL BLUES". Εκδόσεις Αρμίδα. 2018. Book Cover

Artistic Skills

Drawing (pencil, ink, pen, charcoal), Painting (acrylic, oil), Sculpture (wood, metal, cardboard), Printmaking (relief, etching), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffects, 3D computer program (some: Maya)








© All Rights Reserved Eleni Christoforou

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