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Use Value

“Use Value” can be used as a small table, a low stool, a coffee table, a leg-rest furniture or it can get any other use imagined by the user. The purpose of doing this art piece was to create a sculpture that will have a high use value, but at the same time be decorative, as most sculptures are. After visiting the Anderson Collection at Stanford University, I was fascinated by the “Sky Garden” (1959-1964) created by Louise Nevelson and “Homage to Boccioni #1” (1969) by Harold Paris. The development of “Use Value” has been influenced by both sculptures; the vacuum-formed plastic, as well as the shape of the negative formed is similar to Paris’s work, while the idea of using a single color, black in this case, and giving more emphasis on the texture, was inspired by Nevelson’s piece. Therefore, “Use Value” is made out of vacuum-formed plastic, wood and plexiglass acrylic. The two shapes, created by the vacuum-formed plastic, are pointing to each other and create cohesion between them. The plexiglass acrylic was placed to enhance the illusion of depth created by the vacuum-formed plastic while the white pieces of plastic, at the very top, were placed to break the monotony and be more inviting to the user.

By: Eleni Christoforou

Year of production: 2015

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