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A collaboration of six artists, a theme named ‘Differences and Repetition’. A metal shop, a steel-metal sheet and a fishing line,  was everything we needed to create ‘Six’. A series of six cubes were created with the idea of an assembly-line method - with each member artist creating one cube. Each artist developed a personal, unique design which was going to be added to every cube resulting in 6 cubes, with the same design but not perfectly identical enhanced by the artist's hand. In order to enrich the project we unanimously decided to hang the pieces using fishing line and invite viewers to interact with them creating sound effects, using the human force as the wind would sound the wind chimes. The side I have designed is seen at the bottom right side of this page, representing a thinking cloud and a plus '+' sign, symbolizing the phrase 'Think Positive". 'Six' represents the individuality of each of the six artists working in uniform as members of a team, which means that even if working in a group each artist has their own creative approach which cannot be lost. 

By: Eleni Christoforou

Year of production: 2016



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